Crystal Castles' Alice Glass appears in her first ever 'fashion video' for Vs Mag. Directed by her bandmate Ethan.
Watch it here and download the Health remix of 'Suffocation' here.

Busy P: "English artist Kindness will be my summer 2012 album" - read his blog post and stream some Kindness tracks here

Legendary British electronic outfit Saint Etienne release their first single in seven years. Watch the video here.

Music Video
Kindness - "Gee Up" (new video)

You might think you've seen this video before, and maybe you have... but there is a whole bit at the end that you haven't. This is a ridiculously great piece of armchair-disco/indie-funk... and the aforementioned bit at the end of the video puts us in mind of the British version of The Office..Watch

Music Video
Ladyhawke - "Black, White and Blue"

She's finally back... we love the new single, and the video is a suitably lavish affair - it is a re-creation of the classic 70's film 'The Life of Laura Mar's' which starred the legendary Faye Dunaway. We particularly enjoyed the trippy bit at the end... Watch

Music Video
Kindness - "Cyan"

This guy is coming out with his first album soon. Erol Alkan was involved in the production of this track... the Soulwax guys have been supporting him and the album was produced by Phillipe Zdar (Cassius) who produced Phoenix and The Rapture... the force is strong with this one ... Watch

Music Video
The Young Professionals - "D.I.S.C.O."

Rarely do we find such an oddball video (right out of leftfield) that is so artful, mysterious, engaging and addictive. The song is a cast-iron hit. The two-man producer team responsible are from Israel, where this is the biggest thing since falafel, apparently. The chorus is sampled from an old disco tune from 1980 that was a massive hit overseas, but never released in the US, which is why you may not recognize it. Enjoy...Watch